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2013-01-04 11:53 pm

CITV 30th Anniversary

CITV are celebrating 30 years by showing classic 80s and 90s programmes tomorrow on the CITV channel. I was planning to have a bit of a lie in but I'm now going to be up for 9:00am for six hours of AWESOME. Including the following programme, Mike and Angelo, That I swear I remember eventually involved Angelo getting together with Katy but I cannot find anything to confirm or not confirm that odd memory.


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2009-05-19 11:01 pm
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Friends Cut

If you can only see this as well as the Friends Only post then I'm afraid I've cut you from my friends list. Please don't take it personally, its just I feel that I am spending less and less time on Livejournal and of those which I have cut I haven't spoken to in a long time. I hope life is good for you right now, and will continue to be so ♥
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2008-09-08 09:53 pm

Friends Spring Clean 2008

I've decided to spring clean my friends list, as there are some people I haven't talked to in ages and some who I have never talked to.

Please post here saying 'Count me in' if you want to be kept on my flist. If you don't respond by Sunday 14th September I will remove you from my flist. If you miss that date but still want to be on my flist then let me know on my Friends Only post at the top or on this post (its public)

I won't be offended if you don't want me on your flist, and don't feel offended if I remove you by accident (see bold text above).